Whether your business is strictly e-commerce, or brick-and-mortar supported by an online presence, chances are that you rely a good deal on your website to attract new customers and provide information to your current customer base. So it’s only logical to do everything you can to make your website as effective as possible. That’s were localization comes into play.

While the Internet is a relatively new concept (“new” since 1995, that is), localization is not. In fact, companies have been engaged in this act for centuries. Put very simply, localization involves presenting information about your product or service in a manner that connects with different categories of customers. When it comes to creating an effective website, localization is crucial, and here’s why:

“Globalize” Your Business

In this day and age of globalization, many companies rely on expanding their customer base to include countries outside the US. To accomplish that, you’ll not only need a site that is correctly and precisely translated, you’ll also need a website that demonstrates awareness and respect for other cultures. Colors, terminology, and images that may be entirely appropriate inside the US may be considered rude or vulgar in other cultures. So it’s vital that people in other parts of the world aren’t put off or insulted by what they see on your site. That’s what website localization is all about.

Beat The Competition

Today’s marketplace is, to say the very least, competitive. No matter what industry your company falls into, it’s certain that you will face stiff competition in selling your product or service. Those businesses that excel in communicating effectively with their clients or customers are much more likely to rise above their competition.

Improve your PR (Page Ranking)

The page ranking of your site is critical to its success. Without delving too far into the technicalities involved, page ranking determines how visible your website will be to people searching for your type of product or service. It has to do with SEO (search engine optimization) and ensuring that your site utilizes keywords that are commonly used by potential customers searching for your product or service online. SEO localization ensures that your site will rank high on search engines both inside and outside the US.

Website localization can help you connect with current and potential customers no matter where they might live on the planet. It ensures that you won’t inadvertently offend people from different ethnicities and cultures. Localization can also help you to be more competitive in the marketplace and drive more traffic to your website. In order for your business to be successful, you’ll need the best website possible. And to have the best website possible, you’ll need localization services. It’s that simple.