Most Popular Translated Languages Online

Many of the most popular languages translated online will probably not come as much of a surprise to most people. But what may not be so obvious is the reason why some of these languages are so popular. Those reasons vary wildly: some languages are widely used for...

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How Big is the Translation Industry Becoming?

If you are seeking high quality translation services, or if you are considering a career in the linguistics field, we have good news for you: the translation industry is among the fastest growing career fields and is expected to continue growing over the next several...

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Union of Translators of Russia

No matter what industry or field you may be in, there are many benefits to joining a professional organization with a membership made up of other people in the same profession. Often, these groups can provide information regarding current job openings. They typically...

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The Truth about Speech Translation Devices

A lot of people interested in technology (and who isn’t nowadays?) have been intrigued by several new speech translation devices that have been introduced over the past year or two. The purpose behind these devices is to provide immediate language translation in “real...

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Essential Translation Tools / Apps

It takes a lot to be a professional linguist or translator: fluency in at least two languages; some level of expertise in at least one profession; experience in time and project management; excellent “people” skills that enable you to work effectively with a variety...

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Facts about Real Estate Translation

Like almost every other job, it takes a lot of hard work and diligence to be successful in real estate. But unlike many other professions, the monetary rewards in this industry can far exceed your expectations. The basic requirements in succeeding as a real estate...

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