If you need help translating any sort of business documentation, it makes sense that you would be interested in only a professional linguist who could produce the highest quality end product possible. Finding the right person for the job may seem like a daunting task, which is why we’ve compiled this checklist for you to use when hiring a professional translator:

Fluency in the target language

Producing high quality translations involves much more than simply converting text from one language to another. That’s why you’ll need someone who’ll understand the nuances of the languages involved. Find a linguist who is fluent and preferably one who is a native speaker of the target language.

Experience in translating

Ask any potential translator for proof of their education, training and experience. It’s helpful to work with a professional who is accustomed to working with clients, meeting deadlines, and knowing what’s expected of them before they begin the project. This kind of understanding only comes with experience.

Localization expertise

One very important aspect of high quality translation services is localization, or ensuring that the translated text is appropriate for the target audience. Language used in one country or region might not resonate with people in another part of the world. In fact, it can sometimes be considered offensive. The same holds true for images. When looking for the right translator for your business, make sure it’s someone who understands the culture of your target audience.

Familiarity with the industry

It’s always helpful to hire a linguist who has experience in working within your industry. This is particularly true for professions such as the medical or legal fields, where terminology can be specialized and unique, but having a translator who understands your business is beneficial no matter what industry you’re in.

References and/or examples of completed projects

Don’t hesitate to ask any potential contractor for references from previous employers. If the translator can provide examples of previously completed work, that can help you as well.

Obtaining the highest quality translation services for your business is absolutely vital in making sure that your content is easily understood by your target audience. No matter what your translation needs may be – website content, product instructions, technical manuals, regulatory documents, advertising and marketing material, etc. – you’ll need an experienced translator who can produce a professional, error-free translation that is clearly understood by your audience. Whatever you do, never rely on any form of machine translation for your business needs. While there are some programs and apps that may have some limited benefit for personal interpretation needs, these products never produce the kind of high quality results you’ll need for your business. And if trying to find a professional translator on your own is too time-consuming, consider turning to a professional translation agency for assistance. They can match your needs to a professional linguist with a proven track record of success.