Whether your company is strictly an e-commerce business or e-commerce in combination with a brick and mortar location, your website is a reflection of your company. So it only makes sense that you want your site to be professional in appearance and content, and to be as effective as possible in reaching your target audience. Building this kind of business website is no small task even for small companies reaching out to local patrons. But if your potential customers include people who speak different languages from other cultures, creating an effective website can be a challenge, to say the least. The best place to start is by hiring a professional translator, and preferably one who is a native speaker. There are several reasons why this is so crucial for any business website:

Clear communication with your target audience

Poorly translated text can be not only hard to understand, it can actually be offensive. A native speaker who is also a professional translator will understand the nuances of the language, such as dialects, usage, sentence structure and popular jargon. And a native speaker will have a greater familiarity with cultural norms and sensitivities of other parts of the world. For example, some colors, images or topics of discussion may be offensive to people from other cultures, even though they are perfectly acceptable in your home country. Understanding the nuances of language and being sensitive to other cultures is called localization, and it’s a service that only a professional translator can provide

Subject matter expertise

When you hire the services of a professional translator through a translation agency, you can also enjoy the added benefit of selecting a person with experience in your industry. This is particularly important in fields where language can often be industry-specific, such as the legal field or the healthcare industry. But it’s a huge benefit in virtually any business, from accounting to insurance to technical industries and many more. Attempting to simply translate language is one thing, but in order to translate industry-specific terms and concepts both clearly and accurately, you’ll need a professional linguist with experience in your field.

Your company’s reputation

The quality of your website is a reflection of your business. That means that not only will you run the risk of alienating potential customers if your content is poorly translated and/or insensitive to other cultures; you may put your company’s reputation at risk as well. And in this day and age of e-commerce, a bad online reputation can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

If you care about the success of your business, there is only one choice when it comes to having your website translated: choose a professional linguist, preferably one who is a native speaker with industry experience. Fortunately, any reputable translation company – like MI Translations, for example – can help you find the right professional translator for your business website.