One of the most intriguing technological advances introduced recently is instant voice translation software. Although any type of machine translation can’t compare to translations provided by an experienced human translator, these translation apps do in fact have some utility – particularly for people traveling in foreign countries. If you are planning a trip and are concerned that language barriers might pose a problem, instant voice translation software could very well be the answer. Here are some of the current products available.

Google Translate

If you’re in the market for a product that supports more languages than any other, Google Translate is the way to go. With the capability of translating 103 languages (52 offline), Google Translate ranks highest due to the fact that it is the most comprehensive product available for travelers. An added benefit is the app’s ability to translate written content fed to it from your phone’s camera, making it possible to instantly understand traffic signs, directions, menus, etc.

Microsoft Translator

: If Google offers an impressive instant voice translation app, it’s probably no surprise that Microsoft does as well. Although Microsoft Translator doesn’t include some of the more appealing features of the Google product, it does offer excellent real-time conversation translation capability, enabling users to instantly communicate with people in 10 different languages. But the product itself supports many more – 60 languages in all.


Designed specifically for Kindle and the iPhone, SayHi supports translation of 90 languages and dialects. Not only does this product support a large number of languages; it is relativity accurate and simple to use compared to other products. SayHi does have some limitations, however, since it requires an Internet connection and is not available as an Android app.


Available for both Android and iOs devices, iTranslate gives users the ability to translate a total of 44 languages and dialects, as well as offline services for some of those languages. Users report that the voice-to-voice instant translation capabilities of iTranslate are impressive.


This app supports a total of 42 different languages and is gaining in popularity because of features that are of particular use to travelers, such as providing cultural information, wi-fi services, a tip calculator and free international calls.

Speak & Translate

Intended specifically for use on Apple devices, Speak & Translate is an app that provides users with instant speech-to-speech translations. Although you need an Internet connection to use the product, travelers have positive things to say about the instant voice translation of 35 different languages. The product supports a larger number when it comes to text-only translations.

While there’s no doubt that instant voice translation software and apps have their usefulness in certain situations, it’s important to remember that there really is no replacement for high quality human translations – particularly when it comes to businesses. If you’re seeking translation services for your business, contacting a reputable translation company is a great place to start.