When it comes to translating business documents, there’s so much more involved than simply translating the text from one language to another. Any high quality, reputable translation company must also ensure that the end product is as close to the original source document as possible. That’s where desktop publishing (DTP) comes into play.

When you choose a professional translation company to translate your business documents or online text, make sure to ask the following DTP-related questions to ensure that you end up with the highest quality end product possible:

Do they employ DTP specialists?

Just as translation is a specialty, so is desktop publishing. Professionals in this field have a working knowledge of the different types of software used to create the highest quality documents and web pages, as well as a thorough knowledge of layout and design principles. Translating documents and web content from one language to another can be complicated. The resulting word count can differ wildly from the original text, and that impacts the design and layout of the document or web page. You’ll need the services of a DTP professional to adjust your layout and design accordingly.

What type of DTP software do they use?

A good translation company will utilize the latest software to create a professional-looking end product. DTP software not only includes foreign scripts, but also a myriad of graphics and design capabilities. Cutting-edge DTP software should be compatible with a variety of file types, including AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Photoshop), and others. Professional DTPs are well versed in using a variety of DTP software that handles not only text issues, but graphics, screenshots and illustrations as well. Professional DTPs are also experienced in converting text from one file format to another.

Are they experienced in producing documents in your target language?

Remember that having language correctly and precisely translated is only half the battle. The translation company you choose should also have DTP professionals on staff who have experience in your target language with regard to punctuation, formatting, typefaces, and language-specific orthography.

By now, it should be obvious how crucial DTP services are in producing a high quality translated document or web page, which is one of many reasons why you should never rely on machine translation for any professional business document. Not only will the translation be clumsy and many times blatantly inaccurate, but machine translations don’t employ any of the specialized DTP expertise or software that is necessary for professional results.

No matter what you need translated – brochures, websites, financial documents, presentations, online advertisements, etc. – it’s important to remember that your translated end product is a reflection of your company. That’s why desktop publishing plays such an important role in any business translation project. Before choosing the right translation company for your business, make sure that they employ professional DTP staff who can provide the highest quality end product possible.