In our current technological age, most of us rely on our smartphones or computers each and every day. Whether you depend on technology for your job, for entertainment, as a means of connecting socially with friends and family, or any combination of those purposes, chances are that you interact with technology on a daily basis.

Now, imagine that the software or app you use doesn’t make any sense — that you don’t recognize the language, that the navigation tools are misleading and confusing, or that the user interface contains offensive images. What would you do? Would you simply ignore the nasty images and substandard navigation tools? Would you learn a new language just to use that app? It’s entirely likely that you would simply give up on that software or app and try another product, which is precisely why localizing software is such a vital service for developers of apps and software.

Put very simply, localizing software involves adapting the language and features of the product to reach the largest target audience possible. Language, technical requirements, and cultural morays different from one country to the next. Even some images and colors that may be completely acceptable in one country may be offensive and inappropriate in another. Localization services involve not only the user interface of the software or app, but also the help and online documentation that accompanies the product. Localization ensures that the software is appropriate and easy to use by people of various ethnicities and from different cultures.

While some advantages of software localization may be obvious, some benefits may not be, such as:

Gaining a competitive advantage over other companies by building a solid reputation overseas

Making your product available and easy to use for people around the globe allows you to build a solid reputation in other countries. Once that reputation is built, it’s more likely that customers will reach for your product over other lesser-known brands.

Cutting back on support costs

If your customers more easily understand how to use your product, they will be less likely to need assistance from your support personnel, thereby reducing your support costs.

Optimizing the features of your products

The better your customers understand how to use your product, the more likely they will be to fully utilize all of its features. And customers who are happy with your product and its full range of features are more likely to spread the word, thus improving your company’s reputation and your standing amongst the competition.

In the highly competitive world of software and app development, it only makes sense to market your product to the broadest audience possible, make every aspect of the product user friendly, and allow your positive reputation to spread far and wide to other potential customers. We can sum up an excellent way to accomplish all those tasks in two simple words: software localization.