It may come as no surprise to learn that one of the fastest-growing arenas for translation services is the gaming industry. Over the past several years, video games have become increasingly popular with people around the globe. And it’s very common for video games to be created in one country, then shared with gamers worldwide. But that would not be possible if it weren’t for professional translators – people who not only translate languages, but also ensure that images and ideas portrayed in video games are appropriate for the target audience.

If you’re involved in the gaming industry, there are several qualities you should look for when choosing a translator for your products:


Be sure that your translator has a solid background in providing professional translation services for other companies. Almost anyone who is bilingual can provide a rough translation of text from one language to another, but only an experienced, professional linguist can ensure that your translation is accurate, clear, and error-free.

Native speaker

While it’s always preferable to employ the services of a translator who is also a native speaker of the target language, this is particularly important when it comes to the gaming industry. A native speaker will understand the nuances of the language that other linguists may not – nuances such as usage, popular jargon, and differences between dialects.


In the gaming industry, localization is just as important as translating language. Put simply, localization involves making certain that the images, situations, and characters in a video game can be easily understood and related to by the target audience in another country.

Experience in the industry

Look for a translator with specific experience in the game industry. What is true for other industries – such as the medical profession or the legal field – is also true for gaming: only someone with experience in the gaming industry will have a solid understanding of the video game vocabulary and the current gaming culture in general.

Affiliation with a translation company

Needless to say, it’s challenging to find a translator with all these attributes on your own. That’s why it’s so important to rely on the services of a reputable translation company, such as MI Translations, for example. We can help you find exactly the right translator for your gaming business needs.

Creating an appealing video game is only the first step in succeeding in the extremely competitive gaming industry. You’ll also need the services of an experienced linguist who can provide you with the highest quality translation and localization services possible. Choose your translator with the help of a professional translating service to make sure your linguist has the experience and skills necessary. Remember — the success of your game may depend on it!