The prices involved in high quality translation services vary widely depending on many different factors. In this blog, we’ll explain the details we take into consideration to determine translation services pricing, as well as provide a link to a form you can complete to receive a free quote from MI Translations.


One of the first considerations in determining the fee that will be charged for your translation is the language involved. If you require translation services for relatively common languages – such as from English to French, for example – the price will be somewhat lower than the fee for a translation involving less commonly spoken languages – from English to Korean, for example. The reason for the price difference is simple: there are more French translators available than there are Korean translators.


A simple translation is one thing, but if you require translation services of technical documents for a specialized field of study – such as the medical or legal industries, for example – the translation fee will typically be somewhat higher. This is because some fields require more knowledge on the part of the translator, whether that involves experience in translating documents within that specialized field or actual background in working within that industry.


: If you need a document translated right away, the fee will be greater than that charged for a project without a tight deadline.

Services Required

It will probably come as no surprise that a greater number of services will cost more. For example, although all good translators will double-check their work, some clients require the services of a professional editor and proofreader after the translation is complete. So if you need not only translation services, but editing and proofreading as well, the fee will be higher than that charged for translation services alone.

Other Factors

When determining the fee charged for translation services, we take into consideration other factors as well. These include whether certification and/or notary services are required; whether page layout/desktop publishing is needed; whether audio transcription is involved; the availability and condition of source documents; and the currency exchange rates of the country in which the translation is performed.

Most translation companies determine their fee on a per-word basis, but the exact per-word charge can vary greatly depending on all the factors listed above. When choosing the right translation company for your translating needs, it’s important to keep one old adage in mind: you get what you pay for. If you choose a translator based on the lowest price, chances are the end product will be low quality. And one thing we never recommend is any type of machine translation, which will often result in crude and woefully inaccurate translations. As is always the case when deciding which product or service is right for you or your company, it’s a good idea to shop around. Click here and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote for your translation project: