No matter what industry or field you may be in, there are many benefits to joining a professional organization with a membership made up of other people in the same profession. Often, these groups can provide information regarding current job openings. They typically offer conferences to their members, where you can interact with other professionals in your field and stay up-to-date on current trends and advancements in your field. Professional organizations often play an important role in establishing industry standards and many times offer special certifications that indicate a certain level of expertise for those people who obtain them. And nearly all of these organizations share a common mission to defend the profession and their membership in whatever ways possible.

For translators and interpreters working inside the U.S., one example of such a professional organization is the ATA, or the American Translators Association. In Europe, one of the more popular professional groups for people in the language arts is the FIT, or the International Federation of Translators.

The leading professional group for linguists living and working in Russia is the Union of Translators of Russia, or the UTR. This organization’s membership includes translators, interpreters, language teachers, and a variety of other professionals who are educated and actively engaged in the language arts. The UTR offers its members a broad range of specialty areas, including business, media, scientific and technical documentation, linguistic pursuits related to the humanities, translating of fiction, and interpreting, among others.

Like many of the professional organizations in other regions of the world, the Union of Translators of Russia was established to protect both the creative and professional rights of language professionals working in Russia. The group works to unify the community of Russian linguists actively engaged in a variety of industries, including the government, corporate and academic spheres. This professional union also works to improve international relations between its membership and language professionals working in other countries and, in fact, is a member of the International Federation of Translators.

As you can well imagine, given the large geographical size of Russia, the UTR offers branches in numerous areas throughout the country. For more information about the UTR, you can visit their website at (offered in Russian only), or use the contact information provided below:

Union of Translators of Russia

Phone: 007 495 616 3980

Moscow Institute of Linguistics, SPR office

129085 Moscow

prosp. Mira, 101V, str. 1, 3 et.